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I have spent a lot of time in California and, as such, I have a list of my fav places around the state. If someone said, "I have some time to visit, what things should I absolutely not miss?". These are my recommendations in no particular order:

Must-See Attractions

  • Yosemite
  • Hwy 1 north from SF: Mendocino, Ft Bragg, Glass Beach
  • Hwy 1 south from SF: bixby bridge, Monterey, Carmel
  • Madonna Inn1
  • Old Town Sacramento
  • Desert: Joshua Tree, Mojave, Death Valley
  • Beaches: Huntington Beach, Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach
  • Muir Woods, Sequoia, or Ave of Giants
  • Fern Canyon
  • California Missions

Major Cities

  1. Especially for the men's bahtroom