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Setting up zsh

I've been a long time BASH person because I've been using some flavor of UNIX for so long that some of the functions are now muscle memory. However, I've decided to give zsh a shot (again)1 and this time I'm really liking it. I like that it has a lot of the BASH things I like plus all the fancy zsh things like plugins. With some plugins you even get FISH shell features.


  1. Xcode cmd line tools
  2. oh-my-zsh

Install ohmyzsh

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Add to .zshrc

plugins=(git sudo zsh-autosuggestions2 zsh-syntax-highlighting )

To fix3 zsh colors add this to .zshrc:

export CLICOLOR=1
export LSCOLORS=ExGxBxDxCxEgEdxbxgxcxd

Some themes I like:

  • afowler
  • bira <— My current theme (20220421)
  • gentoo
  • mortalscumbag

Append bash_history to zsh_history

cat ~/.bash_history | uniq | sed "s/^/\: $(date +%s)\:0;/" >> ~/.zsh_history


  1. I don't remember why I stopped using it. It had some great features but it wasn't compatible with something... 

  2. Don't forget to source ./zsh-syntax-highlighting/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh in ~/.zshrc 

  3. Why wouldn't you have blue directories? BAD ZSH!