Another Hit To Privacy

Didn't think you need a VPN? Here's one more reason you do.

Today, while everyone is protesting their freedoms being taken away by the government for telling them to stay home so they don't die, more privacy gets taken away.. for realz. Today the Senate voted to allow the FBI to look at your web browsing history without a warrant.

That's right, people are protesting the government trying to keep them safe, yet this story barely hit the news. The government just got even more power to spy on your internet habits as millions of people stay quarantined at home.

The US Senate voted down an amendment to the US Patriot Act that would create a tougher standard for government investigators to collect the web search and browsing histories of people in the United States. Should law-abiding people have to worry about the government looking over their shoulders the entire time you are online? That’s exactly what the government has the power to do without this amendment.

ISPs are already in a position to see a lot of what you do online since all of your traffic goes through their servers. This means that preventing ISP tracking online is a lot harder than just using a third-party browser add-on or browse in incognito or private mode. Your ISP can do anything they want with your data. Not only can they sell your data or use it to sell you more things, they can give it to the government without requiring a warrant.

Get a VPN! There are plenty out there that are cheap and even free.