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Boot VM from USB


I needed to repartition a disk on a Linux VM and obviously the only way to do that is if the filesystem is read-only. This means booting off a USB drive. But how does the VM know to boot off the USB of the host? This is how:

Create the USB drive:

I created a USB boot disk for GParted Live:

  1. Get GParted Live iso
  2. Create the image:
   ╰─$ sudo dd if=./gparted-live-1.4.0-5-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb1 bs=4M; sync

Get the VM to boot off the USB drive

Boot VMware VM startup (

  1. Power down VM
  2. Virtual Machine -> Advanced
  3. Change Firmware type to UEFI
  4. Enable UEFI Secure Boot
  5. Virtual Machine -> "Power on to Firmware"
  6. Select USB device