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When the pandemic began is about the time I started to do yoga. While I've been exposed to it through my family and some friends, I never really got into it. Now1 I'm doing yoga somewhat regularly. Although I haven't actually set foot in a studio, I'm enjoying it and I feel like I have the hang of it. Plus, it makes me feel good (that's all that counts, right?).

The tricky part is rotating through classes so as not to get bored. I've been trying to keep notes about which ones I like to follow, but I can't keep them straight. There must be a better way™, but until then here are some of my favs:

Apple Fitness Classes

Show Length Diff Leader Poses/Notes
EP 59 30 Mins 3 Jessica Twists and low lunges, seated twists
EP 61 30 Mins 6 Jonelle Lunges, warrior, vin yasa
EP 77 30 Mins 3 Jessica Lizard, hip openers and long tree (repeats)
EP 83 20 Mins 2 Jessica Lunges, twists, stays mostly low
EP 84 30 Mins 4 Dustin Twists, warrior, shoulder floss, hip yawn
EP 85 30 Mins 7 Jessica Lunges, warrior 2, twists and butterfly
Ep 95 30 Mins 8 Jessica Pigeon, triangle, warrior, lots of down dogs
EP 112 30 Mins 5 Jessica Rolling Stones special, vin yasa


Show Length Diff Leader Poses/Notes
Flexibility 30 Mins 3 Kassandra Starts laying down, eagle arms, cat/cow
Full Body 30 Mins 3 Kassandra Slow, long childs, cat/cow, lunges
After Work 40 Mins 5 Kassandra Kittens! Butterfly, quads, bridge, twists
Posture 30 Mins 3 Kassandra twists, bridge, cat/cow
Sleep Time 45 Mins 2 Kassandra Bedtime, long and slow

  1. 2023-02-23