Dad Jokes

  • A truck loaded with Vicks VapoRub overturned on the motorway. Police have confirmed there will be no congestion for eight hours.

  • Packing up and relocating to a new home can be a moving experience.

  • Be careful, cannibals like to meat people.

  • Three fish in a tank. One looks to the others and says, "Either of you know how to drive this thing?"

  • As an American, it’s sad to see that nothing is made in the USA anymore. I just bought this new TV and it says “Built in Antenna.” I don’t even know where that is.

  • There is no reason to tailgate me while I am doing 75 in a 50. And turn off those flashing blue lights on your car. They look RIDICULOUS

  • Why do firemen wear red suspenders? It keeps their pants from falling down.

  • A big hole was dug at the police station. They’re currently looking into it.