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Chocolate Tonic CBD


Chocolate Tonic is a 2:1 CBD strain bred by Purple Caper Seeds, known to be a more vigorous plant than the popular CBD strain, Charlotte's Web. This strain won the 2017 Santa Cruz Under the Sun, Best CBD Flower award and is known to contain a few of the cancer-fighting compounds.

  • TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy/Moderate
  • THC %: 2.5% - 9.99%
  • CBD %: 10% – 14.99%
  • SCENT: Piney, Earthy
  • FLAVOR: Pine, Lime, Musky
  • EFFECTS: Likely to offer a relaxing feeling, with a slight high feeling from the THC.
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Pain, stress, fatigue, cancer, anxiety, headaches, nausea, inflammation


  • Warm and fuzzy, but still can hit hard
  • Mellow, but not good for late-night/sleep
  • Alert
  • Excellent for migraines

Overall: 9/10