I currently reside where it's 100% legal to possess and grow cannabis. During the lockdown of 2020, we decided to try growing our own. I have to admit, I'm pretty lucky to now have an unlimited large stock of marijuana.

Since I like to grow and smoke cannabis I've started a journal of all the strains I come across and whether or not I liked them, and in some cases growing notes.

Not all of the descriptions are my own wording, but the results section is the effect it had on me. Some All descriptions required a little lot of research plagiarism. Plus, as strains come and go, they are no longer listed on the sites they came from, so it's a way to be able to retain information on strains that aren't sold any longer. Most descriptions are straight from Dark Heart Nursery1where we usually used to purchase our clones. Unless otherwise noted, the information for strains I DID NOT grow, comes from a combination of reviews found on All Bud and Wikileaf.

  1. They went out of business in 2022 =(